2-Minute Mousse

Made with the finest organic cacao, this mix is sure to delight.  Quick to prepare, and easy to clean up.  Perfect for couples night, or throwing a party for your friends and loved ones.

Add this mix to whipping cream and whip with your electric mixer.  Garnish and serve.  Perfect texture, and wonderful flavors!

Available in a 8-10 servings size (7 oz), and a 4-5 serving size (3.5 oz)

Organic Cocoa Butter

Kakosi Certified Organic Cocoa Butter is derived from organically grown cacao trees (theombra cacao). The cacao tree produces seeds which contain this precious oil, which hardens at room temperature. Once hardened, it has a yellowish, tan color and a pleasant scent of chocolate.

Cocoa Butter’s emollient and antioxidant rich properties make it a perfect ingredient in cosmetics, lotions, beauty care products and soaps.

Excellent for baking recipes and making chocolate.

Available in 1oz, 8oz and 16oz packages

Guatemalan Black Beans

These black beans will make you look forward to the next time these are on the menu! The chocolate flavors enhance the flavor in a surprising and pleasing way. These are great with rice or by themselves as a side dish, and if you have any left over, try making an omelets in the morning with these and some feta cheese!
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Organic Unsweetened Chocolate Wafers

100% cacao liquor. The pure essence of the cacao bean, the cacao liquor is the unadulterated solid extracted from the cacao bean. Cacao liquor is the basis of all your favorite chocolate treats. Excellent in baking recipes, this organic cacao liquor is loaded with antioxidants, fiber, and provides essential minerals for our bodies.

+ Gluten and allergen free
+ 100% certified organic
+ Makes chocolate recipes simple and enjoyable
+ Loaded with antioxidants, iron, and magnesium
+ Convenient wafer sized pieces

Available in 8oz and 16oz packages

Nut Date Brownies

No flour, no butter, no eggs, no milk or cream, and NO SUGAR. What?

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Organic Cocoa Powder

Cacao Powder is widely used as a thickening ingredient in cooking recipes and chocolate making. Cacao powder makes delicious hot and cold beverages, enjoyed by young and old alike.

+ 100% organic, Certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers
+ Allergen and gluten free
+ Highest quality powder- taste the difference!

Available in 8oz and 16oz packages

Chocolate Popcorn

No chocolate on your hands! This is popcorn for chocolate lovers. It tastes chocolaty, but won’t get all over your hands. Try it- you’ll like it.

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Dark Chocolate Covered Cacao Nibs

What are Kakosi Nibbles?

Cacao nibs are gently crushed cacao beans. These pieces are cleaned, low-temperature roasted, and coated in mouth watering dark chocolate. We have created a treat that satisfies your chocolate craving, and is good for your body.

Did you know that cacao has other health benefits? Unrefined cacao is a ‘super-food’, rich in antioxidants, and an excellent source of magnesium.

This snack gives you energy, and improves your mood!

Ka-Cocoa, Organic Hot Cocoa

Ka-Cocoa Organic Cocoa Mix

There are so many wonderful flavors in cacao… why cover them up with sugary sweetness? We use organic sugar in this mix, and less of it than most cocoa mixes out there. Where does the chocolaty richness in our mix come from? Here’s the secret- besides starting out with the best cacao products, this mix includes bits of cacao liquor, which is the cocoa mass before expressing the cocoa butter.

This mix is great with milk, with almond milk, and even with water! This mix is for chocolate lovers.

Try our Rich & Creamy blend, or take a step back toward the origins of the cacao traditions with our Mayan Blend.

Available in 1oz and 12oz packages - nutritional facts are for the Rich & Creamy

Organic Cacao Nibs

A true super-food gift from nature, cacao nibs are gently crushed cacao beans. These pieces are packed with antioxidants, magnesium and iron. Cacao nibs are enjoyed in a variety of foods. This addition makes whatever you’re eating, super-food enhanced.

Certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers. Gluten and allergen free.

Available in 1oz, 8oz and 16oz packages

Cacao Nib Tea Cookies

Cacao Nib Tea Cookies

These tea cookies are addicting! They are thin and crispy and chewy, and have great flavors.

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Organic Shea Butter

Kakosi Organic Shea Butter is great in lotions, soaps and promotes healthy, youthful looking skin. Used with Kakosi Organic Cocoa Butter to enhance soaps, lotions and beauty care products.

+ 100% Certified Organic
+ Excellent on dry, damaged and stretch marked skin
+ Revitalizes skin, and keeps skin looking smooth and refreshed
+ Food grade, this is used in baking and cooking recipes
+ Sold in 8oz and 16oz