How Farmers Sell Their Cacao

How Farmers Sell Their Cacao

Millions of people all over the world consume chocolate in different forms and shapes. Cacao is an essential ingredient in chocolate manufacturing. It is essential for the livelihood of millions of farmers and others growing the valuable crop on small plots of land.

As cacao is a sensitive and delicate crop, farmers need to protect it from pests and the weather. With proper care, the trees start yielding pods at the fifth year, and they continue to do so for ten more years.

Latin America, West Africa, and Southeast Asia are the leading producers of Cacao in the world. And the international price of cocoa has been on the upsurge due to the phenomenal demand for cocoa products.

Organic and Fair-Trade Cacao

Buying cacao that is certified organic and fairly traded is one of the ways that farmers can benefit. Even though the cost to consumers is a little more, you not just get a higher quality product but a better tasting one too. The organic certification ensures that no genetic modifications are present and that harmful chemicals are not used in its cultivation.

Fairly traded cacao ensures that the farmers and the communities that are involved in its trade get a fair part of the business. As the demand for chocolate continues to grow, so will the challenges faced by farmers and others involved in this trade.

Sustainable Production of Cacao

The growing demand for sustainable production has helped develop new and innovative cultivation methods. Diversified growing conditions have helped restore growing regions of cacao to good ecological health.

The cacao farming families that have started using new methods of cultivation have been able to reinvigorate their farms. This has helped increase production. The cacao products that the farmers sell is natural and organic. Products that are natural don’t use artificial sweeteners or flavors. This makes the product simple, delicious, and healthy.

A Family Business

Cacao farming is labor intensive. Often, the entire family is involved in tree and farm management, harvesting and drying. Regular inspection and monitoring of the trees need to be done to ensure that pests and diseases don’t affect them.

The trees are usually harvested every two weeks for up to eight months in a year. The pods are split open and the beans removed. The beans are then dried before they are sold. The cacao farmer sells the organic bean to us and this enables us to make the most delicious chocolate products for you.

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