Healthy Chocolate Snacks

Healthy Chocolate Snacks

Healthy Chocolate Snacks

Cacao nibs are any easy, healthy, satisfying snack. They are the seeds from the pods of the Theobroma cacao tree. Theobroma comes from Ancient Greek, and translates to “food of the gods.”  Less processed or refined than other products made from the pods, such as cacao liquor or cacao powder, they are packed with nutrition. Cacao nibs offer brain-boosting benefits and you can easily add them to your diet.

Raw Versus Roasted

Cacao nibs are sold both roasted and raw. Which you choose is a matter of personal taste preference.

Raw nibs are promoted by raw food enthusiasts. Chocolate lovers like the fact that roasting brings out the nutty flavor. Roasting also removes the astringent compounds that often give raw cacao nibs a sour taste.  Kakosi’s Cacao Nibs are roasted at low temperatures to provide the best of both.

Health Benefits of Cacao Nibs

While there is a lot of information on the benefits of chocolate and cacao powder, there have been few studies on the health benefits of cacao nibs. This is despite the fact that cacao nibs are the raw material used to create chocolate.

Cacao nibs are a concentrated source of the good properties found in chocolate, including serotonin and a serotonin precursor, the amino acid tryptophan.

Think of cacao nibs as natural chocolate chips that you can eat as a snack that promotes the health of your brain. Or mix them with other foods. They are a great addition to any nut mix or trail mix, and they don’t melt like chocolate chips. They have a great texture and are delicious sprinkled on a salad, included in smoothies, or added to nut butters or desserts. Or grind them up along with your coffee beans for a great tasting cup of coffee.

Cacao nibs contain no sugar and are significantly less processed than chocolate. As a consequence, they have retained all of their nutrients. Naturally nutty and slightly sweet, they are delicious eaten alone or when used as a cooking ingredient/ Their versatility and flavor make them a great way to get the benefits offered by cacao.