Shiitake Protein Powder with Cacao


24g Protein ● 125mg cordyceps ● PDCAAS score 1.0 ● vegan/no soy ● no artificial sweeteners ● simple ingredients ● no allergens (none of the top 8) ● no GMO ● no funky aftertaste!

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Made with cordyceps sinensis, this protein powder will give your body the energy it craves for your work-out, and the stuff you need to regenerate.  This vegan protein is made by fermenting peas and brown rice with shiitake mycellium, which not only prepares the amino acids for your body to use more completely, it tastes great. And it has cordyceps sinensis for your red blood cell health.

Mix with your favorite nut milk in a blender or blender bottle, or add it with your favorite smoothie ingredients.

Available in a single serving and 16 serving sizes.