Social Mission

Social Mission

Kakosi Chocolate was founded by 2 brothers from Venezuela who started the company to help out their friends and family members who grew and sold cacao.
The idea was that helping them to grow naturally, they could live healthier lives without pesticides, and sell their organic cacao for a premium.

Breakwater foods acquired Kakosi in 2016, and continues that same mission; to help provide better lives and better working conditions for the farmers who grow the cacao we use. For us, food tastes better knowing it is sustainably and ethically produced.

Our business is built on the understanding that the best business is one where everyone profits along the way, from the source to the consumer. We want to ensure that the best quality and sourced cacao products end up in your hands. And we want to make sure that all the hard work to bring it to you results in better lives for the farmers and their families.

La Fundación Los Pino

On a recent visit to the Dominican Republic, we met Daniel Peduzzi. He works with the farmers through the fermentation and drying process, to sell organic cacao abroad. Swiss born, Daniel has lived primarily in the D.R. since 1979, and cares deeply about the communities he works in. He has a foundation called La Fundación Los Pinos that does great work in the rural parts of the Dominican Republic, including building a school where one was desperately needed, and have also helped many kids in need of medical attention, and single parent families. You can see more about the great work this organization does by following this link:

Kakosi supports La Fundación Los Pinos. We have brought them books for the school they built, and will continue with financial support for this great organization. We encourage you to do the same! (thank you)